What happened to Project Free TV?

TV shows and movies are quite easy to find these days thanks to the several torrent websites and several other applications that offer almost all of the content that is available on OTT platforms. While some people are willing to pay for the content that they watch, others look for methods where money is not an issue.

The Project Free TV is one such solution for these users. This is a brilliant platform where, as the name suggests, users can stream the content of their choice that includes tons of great movies and TV shows for free of cost.

The website has a great user interface which makes it pretty easy for the users to navigate to the content that they want to watch. One can even download the content in case they want to enjoy the content offline.

But after the takedown of this website, the new domain of project free TV was never to be found. Some users posted the new domain of Project free TV on Reddit after fans were repeatedly asking about this amazing website.

You can also look for other websites that offer similar content just in case you think that this website is not your cup of tea.

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